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Katlanovska spa is the synonym for professionality and expertise.

The center offers a wide range of massages and different face and body treatements in order to archive the well-being of your body.


For sun, water and new reborn

Springtime, year 540 A.C.

When faithfull general Belisarius had came closer to Katlanovo, he did not have high expectations. "The plague does not look for the gender, or merits" - he was descouraging himself. When he had left his emperor Iustinian I in the spa, he was already on the middle of the road to the other side. The night when the emperor had called him in his palace, for the first time he saw the emperor as a human being.

The route that faithfull Belisarius has passed was not short. But it was nothing comparing to how long was for him the path from the bridge on Pchinja river to the ancient fortress of the spa.

With his halmet off his head and ready to take in his hands the heavy load, the emperor's crown that he should return to Constantinople, Belisarius stoped in front of the double leaf doors. When the heavy bulks moved, morning sun penetrated from the other side and hit hard his face. As doors opened wider, Belisaruis belived more in the words of Iustinian I:

"Katlanovo is the cauldron where the sun is being born. If it is possible to heal something, than it is there, between the sun and the water."

Katlanovska spa is the place for cleansing your senses.

Change your everyday routine with luxury and pleasure.

Katlanovska Spa
Katlanovo, 1000 Skopje,
Republic of North Macedonia

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